Hidden Pregnancy Symptoms

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Some signs of pregnancy are known to everyone – it’s morning sickness, heartburn, fatigue, frequent urination, weight gain, a sudden change in eating habits. However, some fairly common early symptoms of pregnancy often remain in the shadows, not associated with the expectation of a child. Keep in mind next sins also:

*   Your dreams can be  strange and unusual for many reasons, and one of them – your pregnancy. Dreams during pregnancy are often very realistic and frightening.

*  Sensitive gums, which may redden, swell and even bleed.

*  As soon as the pregnancy progresses, the hands and feet may appear tingling or numbness.

* The sooner you find out that you are pregnant, the best prenatal care you can get. Therefore it is always important to monitor ALL early signs of pregnancy. :)

How to identify a hidden pregnancy

I didn’t know I was pregnant… Pregnancy with no pregnancy symptoms… Am I pregnant?…How to find out if I am pregnant?

There is a way, but you need to see a gynecologist, and he will do an exam. The best way to find out whether there is a hidden pregnancy – is to be tested for the presence of the hormone in the blood that occurs during pregnancy. At the moment – this is the most sensitive and accurate method. Otherwise, you can’t be 100% sure. If there are any changes in behavior, monthly cycle, it delays it’s better to see a doctor, only he can make a full examination. Hidden pregnancy – it’s not a tragedy, just in life there are a variety of pregnancies. Each of them is different, so do not take the symptoms of one person as your own and put the diagnosis. If you want to maintain your health and well-being of possible future child, you should always consult with a specialist. Girls and women! I  can only advise to listen to yourself, any  changes in the body and if something is disturbing, then go to a doctor.